Ariviyal-solai Innovation Centre
Equip Execute & Empower SciTech in mother language


Welcome To Ariviyal-Solai

Welcome to Ariviyal Solai Innovation Society

Our Ariviyal Solai won Silver Medal Award in

International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) World Wide Crystal Growing Competition 2016


Ariviyal Solai Innovation Centre (AIC) is a non-profit Science & Technology (SciTech) start-up, to promote SciTech among school and college students in their mother language, especially in rural areas. AIC nurture the students scientific temper and innovative projects (in their mother language itself) with the support of  innovators/scientists and school/College/University faculty. 

It was initiated by a group of students from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and others.

We believe our efforts will create impacts in school and college level by motivating students to pursue higher education in scientific research.

Mission: Provoking students’ scientific temper in mother language

Vision : Scientific innovations for sustainable development through ESHTHEAM ( Engineering, Science, Health, Technology, Humanity, Environment, Agriculture, and Mathematics)

Slogan : Equip, Execute & Empower (EEE)

  • Equip
  • Execute
  • Empower

1. The Ariviyal-Solai initiated in government/govt aided schools and colleges especially in rural areas.

2. The motivational teachers (Ariviyal-Solai Guru) are trained to organize science activities.

3. The potential students (Ariviyal-Solai Diamond) are identified by their active participation in Ariviyal-Solai programs.

  • Resources
  • Forms
  • Explore the Science
Explore the Science
Events for School Students

  1. Science activities based learning
  2. Exhibition
  3. e-magazine
  4. Notice Board
  5. Science movies and funny videos
  6. Technical Workshop
Events For College Students

  1. Seminar
  2. Exhibition
  3. Models
  4. Group Discussion
  5. Screening science related Movies
  6. Technical Workshop

How can you support Ariviyal Solai?


1.We request teachers, students and public to share or upload your educational related informative materials (video, audio, pdf, powerpoint presentation, word document, e-books, website, youtube channels, facebook group, non-profit organisations educational services, any scientific organisations link, scholarship, internship, summer research fellowship, etc.,) by click the above link. Your documents will be published on our website.

2. Spread the words among government schools and colleges (students, teachers), family, friends and coworkers about ariviyalsolai through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin etc


1. We are sharing the scientific materials only for educational purposes and not for sale.

2. Open access our knowledge

How Ariviyal Solai support other organisation academic events?

1. It publish your academic events in website at free of cost

2. Submit your events data form
3. Receive your event webpage url with in 5 to 7 days via email e.g.
4. Share your events via email/social network to reach more people