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By: karthik rajendran | December 21, 2017

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. Through this initiative, we offer online courses and certification in various topics.

Online course: Free for all,  Certification exam: For a nominal fee.  Learn anytime, anywhere!  Only requirement: Interest and enthusiasm to learn :)
The start/end dates and exam dates are as follows:
4 weeks course: Start date: 5 Feb 2018 End date: 2 March 2018
8 weeks course: Start date: 5 Feb 2018 End date: 30 March 2018
12 weeks course: Start date: 22 Jan 2018 End date: 13 April 2018

  • Exam dates for all courses: 28/29 April (2 sessions per day: FN-9 AM to 12 noon AN-2 PM to 5 PM)
  • Enrollments for all the courses are open now for enrollment and will be closed on start date of the course.
  • Details about each course can be found in the Course introduction page - please click on any course to know more.



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