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By: karthik rajendran | June 29, 2017

(By Pandiya Rajan)

On June 5, 2017, Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK-III lifted GSAT-19 satellite onboard weighing 3,136 kg to the targeted Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit of 170km by 36,000 km(radius of earth should be included to get the periapse and apoapse of the orbit respectively). Everything going according to plan, exactly as the countdown timer struck zero mark, the two solid fuel filled strapon motors (S200) got ignited simultaneously and the vehicle lifted off. ISRO states in its website, "to reduce the disturbance moment due to differential thrust between two motors in flight, both of them were processed as a pair during the mot...

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By: karthik rajendran | June 01, 2017

                               Think About Gravity

By Pandiya Rajan

Gravity is present everywhere. It controls massive galaxies to tiny molecules of air with same law without any deviation or partiality. It governs the revolution of planets around Sun and by which our earth gets its periodic season and climate. By which our farmers are able to do their business of Agriculture in a productive manner(don't scold gravity for recent climate changes for it was caused by man's irrational greediness!).

Gravity powers Sun. The fission and fusion process of thermonuclear na...

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