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By: karthik rajendran | December 21, 2017

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. Through this initiative, we offer online courses and certification in various topics.

Online course: Free for all,  Certification exam: For a nominal fee.  Learn anytime, anywhere!  Only requirement: Interest and enthusiasm to learn :)
The start/end dates and exam dates are as follows:
4 weeks course: Start date: 5 Feb 2018 End date: 2 March 2018
8 weeks course: Start date: 5 Feb 2018 End date: 30 March 2018
12 weeks course: Start date: 22 Jan 2018 End date: 13 April 2018

  • Exam dates for all courses: 28/29 April (2 sessions per day: FN-9 AM to 12 noon AN-2 PM to 5 PM)
  • Enrollments for all the courses are open now for enrollment and will be closed on start date of the course.
  • Details about each course can be found in the Course introduction page - please click on any course to know more.

By: karthik rajendran | June 15, 2017

Free Online Education SWAYAM

SWAYAM is a programme initiated by Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged. SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.

This is done through an indigenous developed IT platform that facilitates hosting of all the courses,...

By: karthik rajendran | March 18, 2017

National Digital Library

It is an initiative by HRD ministry. It is a huge collection of learning resources (68 lakh books) from primary to PG level. Students can use it free of charge.

To register, go to:

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