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Ariviyal-Solai decided to manufacture Foldscope in India with proper licence from foldscope company and introduce in government schools and colleges especially in rural areas.

Story of Foldscope:

Foldscope was invented by Manu Prakash and Jim Cybulski while Jim was a PhD student in Manu's laboratory at Stanford University. Their inspiration for the Foldscope came from field visits around the world where they continually encountered bulky, broken microscopes, or a lack of microscopes entirely.

Originally inspired by the idea of a cheap field diagnostics, and with support from a Gates Grant, the project blossomed into the invention of the Foldscope, a foldable microscope made mostly of paper, with a cost of goods less than one U.S. dollar.

Ministry of Science and Technology,

Department of Biotechnology, India

Ariviyal-Solai Guru Mr.Prabhakaran, Sree Siva Sailanatha Middle School, Neduvayal, Thirunelveli
received Rs4.00 Lakhs for his project proposal

Attend the Foldscope Workshop on 16th April 2018 at New Delhi