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Jallikattu How the Plants & Grass starts to grow in desertified land? Jallikattu

From the little science I know, I wish to share a story with you. How the inhumane slaughter of 40,000 elephants taught mankind a lesson!

As we speak, how many of us are aware that two-thirds of earth's surface is turning into deserts aka desertification?? We all aware that our atmosphere contains carbon. But soil, that grows our food, contains 3 times more carbon. If the soil continues to lose its carbon at the current rate

it will accelerate desertification leading to more barren lands incapable to grow anything. Precisely, NO FOOD!

In fact, the hard truth is, agricultural land around the world has already lost 50% to 70% of its carbon. In order to understand how soil loses its carbon, let’s look at an example.Locate a place near your home devoid of trees, shrubs, plants or any such protection layer for the soil.After it rains there, the rain water absorbed by the soil gradually vaporizes robbing the soil of its carbon along with it. So its understood that soil without protection layers like trees, shrubs, plants, etc. easily loses its carbon and has high chances of turning into barren land.

Having said that, on the other hand, there are a bunch of “so called” intellectuals who are proclaiming that the grazing livestock removes the protection layer making the soil lose its carbon. Basically, “they” are saying livestock is what causes desertification.
In the country of Rhodesia, soil was being desertified to a large extent. They concluded that this was due to their livestock. They consulted Allan Savory, a biologist, for an idea and shot over 40,000 elephants. Are you wondering if shooting down 40,000 elephants changed the situation? NOT AT ALL.

Situation worsened!

The same biologist conducted other tests. He made a large herd of cattle graze the already desertified land and observed something important. Plants and grass started to grow on the previously desertified land. The reason being, the droppings left behind by the grazing cattle (like cow dung) created a protection layer for the soil ending desertification.

Similarly, he let large herds of cattle graze land destroyed by desertification around the world and fixed them. He continues this to the very day.

In spite of claims that no technology can prevent desertification in today’s world, he proved that not only can we prevent desertification but also recover it with the help of cattle grazing. So in our country, this is the reason we let cattle graze the agricultural land after harvest.

But today, for selfish reasons, we are destroying agriculture as well as cattle and thereby digging our own grave.

Sir, let me make a point. There is none more stupid than a human being for thinking and researching to settle in a desert like mars instead of preventing our earth from being desertified.

The reason I tell you this story is, that biologist is still carrying the burden of killing 40,000 elephants.

Like wise, if you don’t permit us to conduct Jallikattu sport, our native bulls will end up in slaughter houses leading to their species’ extinction. We have already experienced the death of our people in a foreign land. Don’t make us watch the death of our animals on our land.