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              NPTEL is creating course contents in engineering, science and Humanity by IIT and IISc. The courses are designed based on the model curriculum suggested by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the syllabi of major affiliating Universities in India.

As an Individual:

  • you can go to the website and go to the course of interest. Every lecture can be downloaded in MP4, FLV or 3GP format. 
  • You can also download from youtube 
  • you can also obtain DVDs* for Rs. 200 per course title. (30 to 45 lectures) + Postage. For DVDs contact Phone numbers: Landline : 044-42106752, Mobile:91- 9677117110, 91-9789828522
  • For web courses, go to the course of interest. If it is a PDF, then do a "File-> Save as" in the browser menu and save the file to your local machine.

Educational Institution can do the above things. Instead of DVD, They can copy the courses in Hard Disk. 

  • The basic objective is  science and engineering students should get the good education in India who are unable to attend scholarly institutions like IIT and IISc.
  • In this context,  NPTEL focus i) higher education, ii) professional education, iii) distance education and iv) continuous and open learning
  • It also helps to train young and inexperienced teachers to carry out their academic responsibilities effectively
  • It provides for globalizing the pool of scientific and technical talent in the country. Together everyone WILL prosper. 
  • • Please bring (or send by courier) a letter from the head of your institution requesting for NPTEL contents along with 2 hard disks(One-3TB + One-3TB ): One-3TB External hard disk for Phase - I courses and One-3TB External hard disk for Phase - II courses, to NPTEL office at IIT Madras, Web studio, 3rd Floor, IC & SR Building, IIT Madras, Chennai-600036. The letter should mention the serial code of the hard disk also. 
  • The Copyright form, duly signed by the head of individual institution must also be given at the time of a request. Copyright form is available in,Corporates%20%20accessing%20NPTEL%20contents.pdf 
  • Mention the contact number and the e-mail id of the concerned person in the letter, so that we could be able to contact them for further queries.
  • We shall copy the web and video courses available till date, into the hard disk. 
  • Copying the NPTEL web and video courses into your hard disk, would take about a week. 
  • Individual institutions shall be responsible for delivery and pickup of the hard disk from NPTEL office, IIT Madras. It usually takes about a week to copy contents onto the hard disk. Please arrange for pick up by pre-paid courier. 
  • While receiving the hard-disk, send us authorization mail ( mentioning the person whose is going to collect the hard-disk and ask them to carry any ID-proof while they come.
  • The Institute / Industry representative(s) must find his/her own accommodation if he/she wishes to collect the hard disk in person. 
  • The copying is a one-time free service for providing the master files.
  • New courses and updates will be available only on the NPTEL website. Individual institutions are requested to download them from the NPTEL website and not request IIT Madras to send any updates.
  • There are no charges for availing this service. For any questions regarding this process, please call the Principal Project Officer, Web Studio, IIT Madras at 914422575905or 914422575908.
  • For any queries regarding the NPTEL website, availability of courses or issues in accessing courses, please contact

    NPTEL Administrator,
    Web Studio,
    IC & SR Building IIIrd Floor, IIT Madras
    Chennai - 600036
      Tel : (044) 2257 5905 ; (044) 2257 5908