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John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science.


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Collection of Educational related websites for all kind of students and teachers

S.No.  Website link/urlFew words about the linkWhich Stream Audience
Format  Language 
1  Free world class education for anyone Science and many more streamschool and college students Video Tamil, English
2  Science education Science High school students  Video, pdf,  English
  Free world class education for anyoneScience and many more streamPrimary to college  Students Video Tamil (subtitle)
 4 Free  & Fees for world class education for anyone Science and many more stream High school to college level Students online courses, Video English
Free Science and Engineering (Made in India) Science and Engineering College students video, pdf, audio English
Tamil (under construction)
 6 Free world class education for anyone Science and many more stream college studentsonline courses,  video, audio, pdf English
 7 Mechanism of toysScience for fun school studentsAnimation English
Prepare science modelsScience for fun
school students
VideoTamil, English
 9  Gen.Science Science for fun Public Video Tamil
10 Gen.Science Science for funPublic VideoTamil
11   Gen.ScienceScience for fun Kids Video Tamil
12 http:/// Health Health for Public Public Video Tamil
 13  English, Science exam, scholarship English,ScienceSchool Students Books (Payment) English
14 STEM STEM school students Video, pdf English
 15  Chemistry
very useful to chemistry teachers
Elementary School to ResearchSchool to Research Video, pdf etc English
 16 Chemistry
very useful to chemistry teachers
Elementary School to ResearchSchool to Research Video, pdf etc English
 17  10th,  12th, Government exams Study materials, question papers Students and exam preparation Video, Tamil
 18http:/// Science for fun Public video English
 19 Science for funPublic video English
20  Physics Science for funPublic Video English
 21  Space NASA Public Video English
 22  Gen. Science Science for fun Kids Video English
 23 Gen. ScienceScience models Public Video English
 24 Gen. ScienceScience for fun PublicVideoEnglish
 25 Current sci.Science for fun PublicVideo English
 26  MagnetsScience for funSchool stud Video  English
 27   MagnetsScience for fun College Stud Video English
Gen. ScienceElementary School to Research School to ResearchVideo Tamil
29 Models CraftPublicpdfEnglish
 30 Gen. ScienceScience for fun PublicvideoEnglilsh
 31 Gen. ScienceScience for funPublic video Englilsh
 32  Science ModelScience for fun school, college video English
33 text book science science for kids school video English
 34 science. quiz science for kidsschoolvideoEnglish
 35 Gen & Science  Science for fun school video English
 36 Gen,draw& scienceScience for fun school video English
37  sci.projectScience for fun school pdf English
 38  sci gameScience for funschool video English
Indian EducationElementary to Researchschool to researchVideo, Audio, PdfEnglish, Hindi, Bangla
 Thesis Research Research Pdf English
 41 Science Model Science for fun Kids  video Tamil
 42 Entrance exam IIT-JEE 11th std exam English
 43 Textbook-video lectures, ask question and take test Maths and science 6-12th std video, text English
 44  Textbook Engineering and chemistry UG and PG  animation, simulation, video and text
 45  Textbook Maths, Science and English 9 - 12th std animation, simulation, video and text English
 46  Entrance Exam Chemistry PG and Research Exam English
 47,   Textbook Maths 10th Std Video Tamil
 48 university Materials, News, Results etc Engineering materials Engineering students PDF English
 all in one science, maths, arts, history Teachers video, pdf English